Thursday, December 28, 2017

General Membership Meeting (February 2018)

Our next general membership meeting will be held on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 5:30 PM in the seminar room at the 

Cranston Public Library
140 Sockanosset Cross Road 
Cranston, Rhode Island
Telephone: 401-943-9080    

Visit the library's website for directions:

What does CORI do? "OUR OBJECTIVES are to promote library services to people of color within Rhode Island and the development of librarians and library staff of color."

Cornucopia of Rhode Island general membership typically meets every quarter, therefore not many meetings. Small committee groups may meet throughout the year. 

In August we have our annual cookout.  Previous locations included a friend's beach house in Jamestown, a member's home in Johnston and in most recent years at a member's home in North Kingstown, across from a beautiful hidden gem, a beach.

Cornucopia of Rhode Island: A Library Community of Color (CORI) is seeking the following officers for 2018: president, secretary, and treasurer.  Please volunteer.

Feel free to contact our president, Brenda Andrea with any questions you may have about the officer's duties or any other questions or comments.

Sample Duties of CORI Officers:
President: arrange and conduct four quarterly meetings.

Secretary:  take minutes at the meetings and making them available as necessary.

Treasurer: the treasurer is in charge of all financial aspects, accepting membership payments from members and depositing them into our account at Navigant Credit Union. The treasurer also prepares statements for the quarterly meetings and once a year files (mails a check) to the State of Rhode Island for CORI's non-profit status.

Vice President (Julie Cerrito)

Member-At-Large (Emily Brown)

Webmaster (Maria Cotto)

Photographer (Dhana Whitening)

2018 Membership Form


                              CORNUCOPIA OF RHODE ISLAND

                                    A Library Community of Color

                                              2018 Membership Form

Please Print               ______New Membership            ______Renewal

__ Mr. __ Mrs. __ Ms.__ Dr.

Last Name                 _______                 First Name                               MI    

Home Address                                                                                                                 
City_______________________   State___________   Zip Code_________

Telephone Number ______           __ Email Address:                                          

Business Name & Address                                                                                                           

City______________________   State_____________ Zip Code________
Telephone Number             ______             Email Address                                

Preferred Contact: __  Home __ Business
May we share your preferred contact information with other Cornucopia members?
_____Yes         ______No

Type of Library/Institution:  _ Academic __ Public __ School  ___ Special   
           _ Board/Trustee  _ Library Student  __  Name of School ______________ 
          _ Retired   _ Government   _ Other                      ___________ 
Interests: __ Membership  __  Hospitality  __ Programming  __ Website  
              __ Public Relations & Outreach           __ Other                      _______ 
2018 MEMBERSHIP DUES                           $ 20.00           
2018 Student Membership Dues                    $   5.00                            
Additional Donation (optional)                        $                     

TOTAL Submitted                                           $                      

Please make money order or checks payable to Cornucopia of Rhode Island
Please mail application and payment to:
            Ida D. McGhee, Treasurer  P. O. Box 491, West Kingston, RI 02892
Office Use Only
Date Received _____________ Payment Type________________ Date of Deposit__________